Our long mired belief that the world, including ourselves, functions only through the Cause and Effect principle of Physical matter leads us to resolving difficulties through obtaining greater Physical power than others – creating divisiveness and estrangement.

Once we realize that all Intentional Actions are prompted and motivated by our Emotional feelings as a different energy form from Physical matter, we can become aware of, and choose how we function through Emotional, Intuitive, and Spiritual energy forms – and act with the exchange of loving care more than with controlling efforts – creating togetherness and belonging.




The author’s background includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a Teaching Masters in Biological Sciences, a Bachelors in Wildlife Technology, and studies in an interdenominational seminary. He has worked as a laborer, truck driver, wildlife biologist, science teacher and coach, inventor, actor, practicing 25 years as a psychologist doing therapy, evaluations, consultations, teaching, training, supervising, directing a clinical center and 17 years researching and writing the book Learning To Love. Crucial learning came from being married, having three children, participating in music and sports, living in wilderness areas alone, and traveling and living in other countries, including his beloved Switzerland.